The Cebuano Mobile App For Tuberculosis Awareness

Tuberculosis (TB) is a dangerous respiratory disease which is very common in the Philippines. The Philippines has the 3rd highest TB prevalence rate in the world. Close to 1 million Filipinos have active TB and about 70 lives are lost per day due to this disease. Yet, TB is one of those diseases that we have good treatment options for. It’s curable. But why then is it still here?

Author's profile picture Farhan Afsal on Tuberculosis

COVID ASSIST - Why I Built an SMS Bot for COVID-19

Chatbots are an effective means of information dissemination used by governments and companies all around the world. Almost always these applications depend on the internet. So what happens to those people who do not have decent access to the internet? The answer to this question is what lead me to build ‘COVID ASSIST’ - an SMS Bot to help spread information about COVID-19 to those with limited access to the internet.

Author's profile picture Farhan Afsal on Covid